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      How to Buy

      Learn how to find, select, and order NI products. You can also easily retrieve and reference your saved products, quotes, and orders with MyNI.

      Visit MyNI

      1. Find Products

      Browse All Products and Services

      Find products and services, download data sheets, review specifications, and get pricing.

      Configure a System

      Build a PXI, CompactRIO, or CompactDAQ system with online advisors to make sure you get all the components you need.

      View Industry- and Application-Specific Solutions

      Browse a wide assortment of tools, bundles, and services to help you build the best solution for your application needs.

      Add by Part Number

      Already know the part numbers you need? Enter them here for easy purchasing.

      2. Select Products

      Add to Cart

      You can add items to your cart for purchase from product pages, advisors, or any page where there is an "Add to Cart" button.

      Create a Quote

      Guarantee your price for 30 days by getting a quote of your products. You can create a quote from product pages, advisors, or any page where there is a Quote button.

      Retrieve a Quote

      Quickly find a quote, whether you generated it or had one created for you.

      Check for Discounts

      Request a quote with your desired products and National Instruments will apply any qualifying discounts to both your quote and online user account for future use.

      3. Order Products

      Buy Online

      Ordering online is the fast, convenient way to purchase from your cart or quote. It’s as easy as logging in to your user account, providing your shipping and billing information, and submitting your order. You can reference your purchase order in cart for billing purposes. If credit cards are supported in your country, this will be indicated as an option in the cart and checkout.

      Call or Email NI Sales

      To discuss product recommendations, quote products, and place an order, contact an NI salesperson via phone or email.

      Print and Fax Your Order

      Your order will not be processed as quickly, but you can fax your order information by selecting Print and Fax from your cart or quote.